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Chaim Dworkin D.D.S.
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Dear Doctor Dworkin,

I have been coming to you for a few years now. I have never been disappointed. You have always gone way above meeting the need concerning the work you have done for me. I love the new denture you made for me, and also the work you have done on my old partial. G-d bless you for keeping up the wonderful work you do. This is highly important to me.

Much thanks and appreciation!
Dolly W.


Denture Repairs and Denture Relines

Denture Repairs and Denture RelinesWelcome to The Repair Shop at The Denture Doctor. Here we fix what you have broken in order to get you back to work or out of the house. Missing teeth can be very embarrassing and prevent you from speaking to people or trying to make a good impression. Nothing can keep you from feeling your best like a missing front tooth. Salesmen, teachers, receptionists, or anyone who deals with the public needs the self confidence to be able to smile and speak to whoever is in front of them. So what do you do when a partial or full denture or even a real tooth breaks? Call The Denture Doctor for denture repairs and more so we can get you smiling again today!

We CAN do most repairs WHILE YOU WAIT!


  • Repair Cracks
  • Add or replace broken acrylic flanges
  • Repair broken parts
  • Change a chipped denture tooth
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Add or move a clasp
  • Add a new tooth after the loss of a natural tooth
  • Add to the occlusal surface to close the bite
  • Reline your denture or partial to help fill in for bone loss (see RELINES for more info.)

We CANNOT weld broken metal frameworks or clasps.

We take any necessary impressions before we begin and make any necessary adjustments before you leave our office. If it cannot be repaired, we can make you a new full denture or acrylic partial denture in one day.

Our denture repairs are guaranteed for ONE FULL YEAR!

Our Fees

  • Repairs Usually between $100-$175
  • Relines $200 per plate
  • Repairs must be in before 12:00 noon to be finished that day.


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